I should have started this when I first started. I could have posted all the Eureka moments as I found them. Tracing families has got a whole lot easier than it was when I first started. It would take months or even years to find one little piece of information. Now with all the resources on the internet, a person can find most of the information they need. Sometimes though, you have to do a lot of digging still.

With the Howard family, I had a few names to start with. Tom Howard came to the States from England. He was a barber and he married Alice Ireland. They had one son, Harry Howard. Harry had two children, William Harry and Alice. William had 3 children and Alice had 2 children.

Having a unique occupation, Tom was trackable through the years in the census records and city directories. I kept finding a hint on ancestry.com that stated his father was James Sackfield Howard but it also said that the son named Thomas had died in 1881. Then I found a record of Thomas and Alice coming from Vancouver, BC in 1915. He listed his contact person as Maggie Green, sister, living in Vancouver. James Sackfield Howard had a daughter named Maggie who had married a fellow named Green. So I took the plunge and entered James as Thomas'  father on ancestry and things started falling together.

I had always thought that Tom had come to the States, leaving his family behind him but it turns out that he blazed the trail so to speak. Two of his sisters and two of his brothers plus his parents also came over to North America over the years. His parents travelled with his brother James Albert and his family in 1903, landing in Montreal. James lived in Waterloo, Ontario for a few years and two of his children were born there. He then moved to BC, where he had 3 more children.

Maggie and her husband, Charles and their son, Cyril, lived in Ontario for awhile as well, then moved to San Francisco, where Maggie and her son plus her sister and her family survived the Great Fire of 1906. Charles worked at several jobs over the years, one of which was a quarry which was later turned into the Butchart Gardens. Cyril went on to be one of the founders of Texas Instruments. He did not have any children.

Butchart Gardens

K Nelson
3/25/2015 12:17:59 am

I am a grandchild of Aida Howard Nelson. I thank you for this website and the information you have provided. I have a photo of the family in Vancouver in 1916 I could send you, if you're interested


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